Walk: Roberts Bridge Car Park 3.6km

  • Car Park: Located just outside the town of Passage West, see HERE
  • Distance: 3.6kms (2.25 miles)
  • Time: Approx 45 mins
  • Scenery: Nice views out over Lough Mahon in Cork Harbour
  • Flat/Hilly: Old railway line, dead flat
  • Difficulty: 1 out of 5 – Very easy
  • Noise pollution: Modest. Some noise from traffic on the R610
  • Safety: Popular walk during daylight hours so it’s safe. Get’s quiet after 8pm in the Winter
  • Lighting: Fully illuminated
  • Notes: Wheelchair/Buggy friendly


This easy walk starts at the Roberts Bridge Car Park and heads west towards Hop Island which is 1.8kms away. This Greenway is situated on the route of the old Cork to Crosshaven railway line and is completely level for this walk. In fact, you are never more than a few metres away from the shoreline at all times.

Start of the walk at Roberts Bridge car park

The photo above shows the start of the walk at Roberts Bridge car park. As indicated by the arrow, you should observe the Greenway code and walk on the left at all times.

Greenway Code

Just after the start, there is a series of exercise machines which are spread out over a distance of about 200m .

Exercise machines at the start of the walk

One of the unusual features of this walk is that most of it is actually in Cork City! The city underwent a major expansion in 2019 and the Roberts Bridge car park is now just outside the city limits.

The photo above shows the actual city limit on the walkway but in reality, there are no discernable markings. The new city limit is approximately 240m after the start of the walk.

The walk has extensive views out over Lough Mahon. The photo above shows the view to the north-east with the southern shore of Little Island in the distance.

The photo above shows the view to the north-west with Hop Island, Jacobs Island and the north side of Cork City visible in the distance.

After 1.8kms, you reach the end of this section of Greenway at the Hop Island car park. From here, you turn around and return on the left again.

Overall, a very pleasant and easy 3.6km walk.

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