Walk Start: Marina Greenway Car Park in Cork City

List of walks from this location…

  • Walk 1… Work in progress
  • Walk 2… Work in progress
  • Walk 3… Work in progress
  • Walk 4… Work in progress

Directions & info

The Marina Greenway Car Park is located 2kms east of the centre of Cork City.

By road, it is 2.7kms from the City Hall. Access is via Victoria Road and then down Centre Park Road and past the Marina Commercial Park. The car park is at the western end of the Marina and very close to the Pairc Ui Chaoimh GAA stadium.

There are spaces for over 100 cars and the far western end is usually the quietest with plenty of available parking spots.

There is some parking on the ‘Grasscrete’ platforms as you enter the car park…

Note that the car park goes in 350m from the road and there is usually plenty of parking further in…

This car park can be used to start numerous walks which are listed above. The sign shows the approximate distance to various points…

Access by bus…

Despite the fact that the car is located close to the centre of Cork City, the nearest bus stops are some distance away.

The area is serviced by the 212 bus service which goes from the city centre to Blackrock village, Blackrock Castle and Mahon Point. The two nearest bus stops are to the south of Pairc Ui Chaoimh.

The bus stop from Cork City (on the left on the map above) is 800m from the Greenway car park (a 10 minute walk). The bus stop for returning to Cork City is 1km from the Greenway (a 12 minute walk).

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